“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”
James Madison

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Litera Octave is the core belief of every Litera School. It is our proprietary pedagogical model that we have honed over years of research and development It integrates the various pillars that impact the child during his/her learning and development in school. The entire K- 12 programme offered by Litera Schools is governed by the Litera Octave approach, the synopsis of which is given below.

Pillars of Litera Octave:
  • Litera Content: Whatever a child’s unique learning style, Litera Octave helps foster real understanding through our proprietary Litera Content. Each lesson unfolds via multiple pathways in the form of animations, movies, diagrams, activities, interactive games and projects.
  • Litera Teachers: Our teachers undergo 60 hours of teacher training every year, this inspires them to take pride in fostering real understanding in children and be technology-enabled.
  • Litera Class :Litera Content is shown seamlessly in our Litera Class, which is technology-enabled. It is set-up with an Interactive white board, projector and computer. The library caters to different information needs by having a collection of books, an internet connection and CD ROMs. Laboratories for English, Math, Social Sciences and Science ensure children learn through projects and activities, what they don’t through textbooks.
  • Litera Assess: Litera Assess is a paradigm shift in assessing the child’s understanding. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation ensures that there is cumulative understanding of the child’s Strengths and opportunity areas.
  • E-Litera: e-Litera, our school management software removes paperwork and increases efficiencies that help teachers and administrators focus on the main task of facilitating child’s development. It also allows parents to review your child’s progress from home on day to day basis.
  • Litera Parents: We conduct regular seminars and workshops on Good Parenting to enable parents to create a conducive environment at home, to nurture the unique potential of each child. Regular open forums provide a platform to teachers and parents for a constructive and objective discussion about the progress of the child.
  • Litera Enrich: Our extra-curricular and co-curricular programs are designed to nurture the unique skills and talents of each child. From dramatics to debate, arts to music, languages to literature, sports to yoga and spirituality - Litera Enrich takes care of all aspects of a child’s development. 100% participation is ensured and no child is left behind.




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